Donna West: Helping Women Document their Stories

Donna West has a mission – she wants every woman to tell her story. “Let’s get women’s stories documented,” she says. “Everyone is valuable and unique.” Donna is leading a new writing collaboration group for Revel beginning on Sun., Feb. 9, in which she will help other Revel members “go deep and find treasures.” She’llContinue reading “Donna West: Helping Women Document their Stories”

Real Talk about Love and Aging with Author and Activist Barbara Rose Brooker

As far as author Barbara Rose Brooker is concerned, the fight for age equality has hardly begun. “I’m 83 and I’m not age appropriate,” declares Brooker, who is embarking on a book tour in February for the launch of her latest novel, “Love, Sometimes” about a 68-year-old woman fighting sexism and ageism in Hollywood amidContinue reading “Real Talk about Love and Aging with Author and Activist Barbara Rose Brooker”

Finding Spiritual Connection in the Great Outdoors with Elizabeth Allison, PhD

Playing outside as a child, says Elizabeth Allison, PhD, associate professor of ecology and religion at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), canoeing, and exploring in the woods, is where she first encountered God. “I also went to church, and I was told that God was inside that building,” she says. “But I neverContinue reading “Finding Spiritual Connection in the Great Outdoors with Elizabeth Allison, PhD”

Oakland Yoga Studio Fosters Inclusive Yoga Practice for Every Age

Each yoga studio has its own character, something about it that speaks to the particular community who chooses to practice there. For Mountain Yoga, a neighborhood yoga studio in the Oakland Hills, one of its primary distinguishing characteristics is inclusiveness.  “There was a time when yoga was quite exclusive,” says Ann Dyer, the 61-year-old ownerContinue reading “Oakland Yoga Studio Fosters Inclusive Yoga Practice for Every Age”

Reflecting on Revel, and a Fabulous Year Ahead

Revel is only half a year old heading into 2020, but it has already become a force of women who are sharing their passions, forming new connections, and enjoying a host of new experiences with other women. The platform continues to grow  – adding regional groups and leaders; trips, talks, and gatherings; and new opportunitiesContinue reading “Reflecting on Revel, and a Fabulous Year Ahead”

Renata Jabuka: Exploring New Interests, Embracing Style

Renata Jabuka had retired from a long career in healthcare and entrepreneurship and was looking for a new focus. She never imagined it might be modeling. But she saw an article about Stephanie O’Dell’s organization, Celebrate the Gray, and gave her a call. Celebrate the Gray is presenting a new vision of vibrant, beautiful womenContinue reading “Renata Jabuka: Exploring New Interests, Embracing Style”

Discovering Japanese New Year Culinary Delights with Lucy Seligman

Lucy Seligman’s favorite holiday is Japanese New Year or Shogatsu. Families who celebrate do so with a traditional noodle dish called Toshikoshi Soba, or New Year Soba, that has become one of Lucy’s trademark dishes. The long buckwheat noodles are considered good luck and are supposed to be the last food to touch your lipsContinue reading “Discovering Japanese New Year Culinary Delights with Lucy Seligman”

Working Together: Amy Edmondson on the Importance of Psychological Safety

Harvard professor, author, and business consultant Amy Edmondson says there is a reason employees don’t speak up when they discover a problem, or have an idea for how processes could be improved. Their workplaces lack psychological safety – a culture free from fear of humiliation or retribution. As more businesses and organizations look to improveContinue reading “Working Together: Amy Edmondson on the Importance of Psychological Safety”

Dismantling Ageism in “This Chair Rocks”

“The possibility that life could be more fun in your eighties never crossed my mind,” writes Ashton Applewhite in the introduction of This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism. But the Brooklyn-based writer and activist had what she describes as a slow epiphany after finding herself on the ageism beat – interviewing “Americans of advancedContinue reading “Dismantling Ageism in “This Chair Rocks””